Louis L'Amour


The HACIENDA STEAKHOUSE celebrates the legacy of cowboy author Louis L'Amour.  OriginalLy from Jamestown, North Dakota, Louis L'Amour grew up with visions of the American Frontier.  As a youngster, Mr. L'Amour heard stories from his grandfather who had lived through the Civil and Indian Wars.  He often hung out at the local Railroad station to talk to cowboys taking cattle to market or to ranches in other parts of the Old West. 

Reading L'Amour's books puts the reader back to a simpler time - where you could count on a man's word and a handshake.  The owner of the
HACIENDA STEAKHOUSE is a long time Louie L'Amour fan and is a collector of his books. 

At the
HACIENDA STEAKHOUSE, we honor the legacy of Louis L'Amoir.  we proudly display some of his books and try to live up to the code of the Old West.  You can trust us to give you good service and good food at a good price - You have our word on it!

For more information about Louis L'Amour go to:  http://www.louiselamour.com